The Problem with Forex Training Programs

Many SDEFX™ University students find us after being burned by expensive Forex “training programs” that turn out to be…

“Get Rich Quick” Schemes

With False Promises and Big Upfront Fees

The Importance of Discipline While Trading Forex

Through repitition, students become disciplined Forex traders, and realize the importance of following our strict and proprietary money management rules for surviving in the Forex market.

Multi-Level Marketing Platforms

That Pressure You to Recruit Friends

We Focus On Training Our Students - THAT'S IT!

When the focus is building an MLM business rather than training students, the students suffer. Therefore, we only have 1 Mentor, whose focus is training students.

Failing Signal Service Providers

That don't teach you HOW to trade.

We Teach You To Be An Independent Trader

Students learn to trade independently and not to gamble by relying on EA's, robots, or any other automated trading tool.

See What Our Students
Are Currently Enjoying

Know what to expect BEFORE you spend your money.

You Deserve Better

If you believe you deserve better, the So Darn Easy Forex University is for you! Join today and learn…

  • How the Forex market works

    Everything is built from a solid foundation.

  • How to spot profitable opportunities

    Develop the Eagle's Eye for finding setups.

  • When and how to enter, stay, or exit the market (without relying on others)

    The essentials to surviving in the market.

  • Proven trading strategies that are easy to understand

    Layman's terms and logical explanations.

  • And more!

    Reasons to keep students excited.

-Mr. Michael C..

Everyone is Talking
About The SDEFX™ University

Thanks to  THOUSANDS of students from over the years and counting!
“Not only was I blown away by the amount of pips [Yusef Scott] was able to gain all from trading the daily time frame but I was also very impressed by his commitment to his students. I’ve had experience with other groups prior to finding SDEFX but it always seemed they were only after your money and were not committed to making sure you had a good understanding of how to trade the market. Yusef does just that.” Mr. Breon W.

"I love Yusef's training. His training assists you in seeing the market with a different eye, a different view. I have a totally new perspective of the markets since beginning his training. It is soooo worth your while, you won't be disappointed. The setups are beginning to jump out at me' & Ive only been a member for a few short weeks. Things are finally looking up because of this 🙂 Highly recommend Yusef as a forex mentor. You won't be disappointed! He is the absolute best and most logical!"Ms. Suzie P.
FINALLY... Forex Training Spoken In Layman's Terms!

So Darn Easy Forex Strategies

    • Simple Strategies…

    • Explained in Layman’s Terms…

    • Builds Confidence...

    • Develops Patience...

    • Forces You To Believe Your Eyes...

    • Builds Discipline...

    • Helps You Become An Independent Trader...

    • That’s What Makes It So Darn Easy!

    “Great mentor... Great teacher... Great influencer... Thank you for always speaking life to us and never getting tired, each time you talk something new and fruitful always prevails/or reveals in me... @Yuseff Scott you are a true legend, a true forex goat🐐... May God bless you and prosper you and the SODARNEASYFOREX movement 🙌💯.”Mr. Syanda S.

    Proven Strategies You Can Trust

    90-95% Success Rate

    SDEFX strategies are backtested to track their success.

    Proven Track Record

    Public weekly trade alerts followed by thousands worldwide.

    Live Accounts 

    Complete transparency in all training sessions and videos.

    Affordable Memberships

    Join risk-free and Cancel At Anytime!


    “Prior to buying your membership I knew all of the basics but not necessarily the true importance of some of the things I found to be very important after going through your training. Currently I am basically unstoppable and that wasn’t until I spent the days and nights going through your training… although I’m no longer a member I still wanted to give thanks. I had went through several so-called online Forex gurus who really didn’t know anything (now that I think about it).. Grateful to have ran across the So Darn Easy Movement.”Ms. Joenisha V.

    True Financial Freedom

    You DO NOT need to use 1,000 Indicators, EA's, or Bots to trade...

    Get ready to FINALLY learn "How To Fish!"

    The So Darn Easy Forex Benefits

    • Free weekly trade alerts to earn while you learn

    • Simple strategies for knowing how and when to enter, stay in, and exit the market

    • Training to identify opportunities in day trading, long-term trading, scalping, and the crypto market

    • Risk-free cancellation policies (because you shouldn’t need us forever!)

      Learn at Your Own Pace

      Master Forex on your schedule so you can live the life you want to live. Join today and enjoy…

      24/7 Access to Our Private Area

      Although some student's schedule may not allow them to attend a live session, students can to train at their leisure.

      Up to 1,000 Hours of Training Videos by Yusef Scott

      Endless amount of Forex wisdom at your fingertips.

      Up to 4 New Sessions Recorded and Added Weekly

      Fresh content added to keep you up-to-date on the latest trading conditions, Forex wisdom, and setups in the market.

      So Now That You've Found Us... Let's Make It Count!

      Could this be your time to FINALLY make a difference in your trading journey? It's time that you stop listening to what others are saying, and witness the difference for yourself!

      Join The SDEFX™ University Today

      • Yes, you CAN learn to trade with confidence.

      • Yes, you CAN learn to identify profitable opportunities on your own.

      • Yes, you CAN use the forex market to enjoy some extra income.

      Join now and see why people around the world are using So Darn Easy Forex strategies to trade successfully and live a life they love!

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      It's risk-free!

      Husband/Father/Master Trader/Forex Mentor/Master Analyst/RE Investor

      About Mr. Yusef Scott

      Over the last 5 years, Mr. Yusef Scott has been the support line for THOUSANDS of struggling Forex traders worldwide. With so many people believing that either Forex is complicated, or believing it isn't possible to be a profitable Forex trader, it has been his mission to change that narrative by introducing easy and effective Forex strategies that requires little-to-no indicators and effort to employ.

      Since the amount of people finding Forex for the first time has been at an all-time high in recent years, so has the number of would-be or fly-by-night Forex training groups worldwide.

      Consequently, with such huge demand, many vulnerable Forex traders have fallen victim to online scams, Forex Guru posers, which ultimately left a huge gap in the Forex training industry, and many Forex newbies confused more than ever before.

      As a result, Yusef Scott, better known as The Forex GOAT online, has created a string of simple and easy Forex strategies that has been proven to be unique in its effectiveness. Which is why - to date - THOUSANDS have undergone his training to realize why so many people are talking about The SDEFX™ University.

      Yusef Scott is charged with not only continuing to be the "Pillar of Support" to struggling Forex traders worldwide, but also to motivate and encourage Forex traders to not give up, and that they too can attain the level of success in the markets that they desire.

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