Check out some of our So Darn Easy Forex Strategies we share with our students. With a 95% success rate, it’s no wonder these strategies are sought out by traders from around the world!

The Perfect Entry Strategy

More than 95% of Forex traders who often lose in the market do so because they don’t know when to enter the market or exit their trades. And many of the complicated entry systems and formulaic robots available on the internet hurt more than they help.

It’s no wonder countless traders around the world are looking for a straightforward solution they can trust.

This simple and easy-to-apply entry strategy is revolutionizing the forex industry.

SDEFX™ University students love that this strategy allows them to quit gambling with entering the market at random times. Instead, they’re entering the market with confidence and peace of mind.

And so can you.

All three of our memberships include access to The Perfect Entry Strategy, which:

  • The 2-3 conditions that should be met before you enter the market

    As simple as 1 2 3.

  • How to easily capture explosive moves

    Always broken down and explained in layman's terms.

  • Doesn’t require a host of indicators

    Rely on your eyes and not man-made tools that can fail.

  • Boasts a 90-95% (or more) win ratio when applied properly

    Witness the difference for yourself..

  • Pairs exceptionally well with The Stay In Your Trades Strategy

    A POWERFUL duo that's TOTALLY jaw-dropping.

Give The Perfect Entry Strategy a try today and take the first step towards becoming a successful trader!

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Empowering You To Become Independent & Successful Traders

The Stay In Your Trades Strategy

Successful trading should enhance your life… not become your life. It should bring freedom… not consume your time.

That’s why you deserve a trading strategy that doesn’t require watching the charts all day, every day to succeed.

This strategy is the quickest and easiest way to determine when to stay in or exit your trades. Designed to pair with The Perfect Entry Strategy, this systematic approach is available to all SDEFX members, no matter their membership level.

Learn when to let your trade run and when to exit with The Stay In Your Trades Strategy, which:

  • Reveals one industry-wide unspoken condition for execution

    As simple as 1 2 3.

  • Pairs with The Perfect Entry Strategy traders so you can easily remain in trades for days

    Always broken down and explained in layman's terms.

  • Offers the perfect segway into long-term trading

    Rely on your eyes and not man-made tools that can fail.

  • Detects reversals in the market

    Witness the difference for yourself..

Join today and enjoy your “Aha!” moment when you discover this secret to staying in trades for days, weeks, and months at a time!

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Don’t Take Our Word for It.

Why not see what SDEFX™ University students are saying before you join?

Love the easy to follow videos. Love that he’s down to earth and real... so new people learning can follow along easily. ❤️ Thank you for all your content 🙌🏻 Much appreciated.Ms. Samanth A.

Very thorough mentor! I’ve learned a lot in such a short time. Highly recommend! Thanks brother!🤑Mr. Joshua P.


Mr. Scott, First of all, I want to thank you for inspiring, motivating, and mentoring me and many others who desire to be successful traders. All of your trainings are consistent, prompt, and each time I take out a golden nugget that helps my trading strategy transform into a more effective strategy. I wish I had joined when I first discovered you on YouTube last year during my beginning stages of trading, but I'm eternally grateful that I am a current student. The knowledge I've attained from just 3 weeks is so apparent, that even my wife has taken notice and tells me she sees a new passion in me and says she sees how consistent I am now. You've helped me realize the 2 most common mistakes that beginner traders make are easily fixable (over trading and over leveraging). Lastly, with your Perfect Entry Strategy, Money Management, and your Scalping Strategy, there is no way I see myself blowing anymore accounts ever in life. I used to really wonder if you were the real deal when I looked at your YouTube videos, and now since your skills are rubbing off on me and will eventually result in the financial independence of me and my family, I know for a fact you're the real deal. I will do my best to market your services to everyone I know wanting to learn to trade forex the right way. You do make forex so darn easy. I appreciate you. Many blessings.Mr. Josiah P.

The Low-Risk Scalping Strategy

90% of Forex traders brand new to the Forex market start with scalping. Unfortunately, for most of those traders, their losses outweigh their wins.

Why? Scalping can be tricky, and many of the scalping systems and strategies sold to beginners just don’t work.

Available exclusively to our Corner the Market Students, this strategy offers a low-risk strategy to trade confidently, even in volatile market conditions.

The Low-Risk Scalping Strategy reveals:

  • The 2-3 conditions that should be met before you enter the market

    Notice the ease of use for yourself

  • How to easily capture explosive moves

    Follow the discilpine and enjoy never-before-seen gains

  • The money management requirements that lead to a safer way to scalp Forex

    Learn how to survive any volatile market

  • More time freedom to enjoy life on your own terms

    Less hours chart-watching

Are you ready to learn how all the SDEFX strategies work together to reveal more opportunities and achieve better results on the Forex market? Become a Corner the Market member today!

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Trading Forex Has Never Been So Easy & Exciting

The SDEFX™ Money Management Strategy

Learning to trade Forex should be exciting for those who choose to learn to trade. Many people who trade Forex are plagued with blowing account after account due to their inability to adopt a winning money management strategy. That's where The SDEFX™ University come in!

We believe that learning to become a successful Forex trader isn't all about learning a winning trading strategy. It's also about learning how to manage the money in your account, regardless the condition of the market.

It's time to finally learn how to trade smarter not harder, and also provide yourself piece of mind even when you're not able to watch the markets 24/7. Best of all, it's time that you're taught our SDEFX™ Money Management Strategy so that you could eliminate the hassle of blowing another account and having to start over again with growing your accounts.

Our SDEFX™ Money Management Strategy will allow each students to:

  • Trade the Forex market worry-free

    Don't hassle yourself with watching the charts 24/7

  • Grow their money

    Increase your chances of growing your hard-earned money

  • Eliminate the use of a stop-loss

    Never just give away your money when you know the direction of the market

  • Become almost invincible in the market

    Make the Brokers second-guess your moves at all times

Are you ready to put away blowing account after account? by adopting our powerful Money Management Strategy? Become a SDEFX™ University student today and learn to not only execute trades using our powerful trading strategies, but learn to grow your money exponentially using our Money Management Strategy. 

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