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So Darn Easy Forex Training & Profitable Forex Strategies Taught in Layman’s Terms

So Darn Easy Forex Training Welcomes You

Hello, my name is Yusef Scott and if you let me, I will open your eyes to areas of the Forex market that most are too blind to see, either because they're too busy installing 1,000 indicators on their chart, or they just never consider because of overthinking or they’re expecting it to be hard. It's time that I help you find the clues left behind by the Big Banks and Market Makers to leave such a so darn easy way to make money in the market.

Over the years I’ve trained many people of all different levels and it has become normal routine for me to ask each student to reveal their weakness in trading Forex.

Some of the most common weaknesses my students mention are:

  • Not knowing when to enter the market (entry)
  • Have not fully grasped the Forex concept (even after buying indicators)
  • 2nd guess themselves all the time or overthink while trading
  • MT4 chart is too cluttered which causes confusion
  • Just haven't found a Forex strategy with a 90%+ success rate

Out of all of these, the #1 issue mentioned by my students is their entry (not knowing when to enter the market).

With the use of my proven So Darn Easy Forex strategies and training, my students are finally able to see where the market is going with ease, thus allowing for a more confident trading mentality.  Since the Big Banks and Market Makers want the masses to believe that trading Forex is harder than it actually is, most people go into trading Forex believing they need to master and learn every strategy or topic in order for them to be profitable.

It's time that you learn to tune out all of the noise and join me as I help people across the world to trade Forex the So Darn Easy Way™.

Don't Be Fooled By The Imitators ... Try The So Darn Easy Way™!

With the emergence of Forex being heavily marketed through social media outlets, the growth of so-called Forex training services are being created almost daily. With that, many people anxious to turn a profit are buying into these services and being led by a group of individuals that can shed little-to-no light on even the basics of Forex. Some are even left with very little support at all and even unanswered calls after making payment.

So Darn Easy Forex™ believe in providing our students with quality services and products, and most of all, a hands-on relationship that's proven to ensure a profitable trading journey the so darn easy way. We believe in transparency and a good business and have set the precedence for what Forex traders should look for in Forex training.

If you’re ready to learn to unlearn all of the unnecessary information spilled on the internet today, now is the time to take part in our Forex Training The So Darn Easy Way™!


Just Some of Our Latest Results

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What People Have To Say About So Darn Easy Forex™…

Hey Yusef. First off congrats on the new site. It looks and functions great! I just wanted to thank you again for your time teaching me your strategies and helping improve my confidence in trading. I've actually had a profitable week for the first time. I'm trading at a low volume because I want to focus on the pips and not so much the money because like you said the money will come if I'm consistent. I was actually able to double my small account for the week. I just wanted to let you know you're doing a great thing helping a lot of people and I'm appreciative.

Breon W.
Breon W.

I am sending this cause I wanted you to know that what you are teaching is working for me and I am grateful to have met you. My account is not in the thousands yet, but is a prime example of profits being made from a small account based on your teachings of Daily chart trading.

I have been trading since 2009 and I have always thought to trade the larger TFs but somehow all the noise in the market's environment I was in, spoke to the lower TFs as I am finding out is the big illusion.
I am much more calm at entering and less anxious. Thank you again for 'The Secret", for this is the leading edge of forex thoughts.
Sutan M.
Sutan M.

Just wanted to let you know I have been watching your videos now for about a month now. I am brand new to forex but have dabbled in binary and commodities. Your videos are the best on you tube, and your strategies line up with my personality. I have a demo account and used one of your strategies to trade the Brexit (gbp/usd and eur/usd) and made a nice profit of $1600 a piece. All I can say is wow! I'll be joining soon, but wanted to say thank you for being so real. You are a breath of fresh air. Keep up the great work!

Timothy P.
Timothy P.

Thanks so much Scott for having such a well-structured training and products in place for people to learn from. Having absolutely no experience in Forex was a bit intimidating, but with your easy-to-follow training and concepts, made the information so darn easy to retain and apply. Thanks again!

Christine B.
Christine B.

Thanks!! BTW I have been profitable on 5 different trades so far on Demo. I swear this one long term strategy is a game changer!!! Thanks again....

Gervai M.
Gervai M.

Hello, Yusef Scott 

My name is Ash Evans I'm 19years old and ive been studying forex for a few months now and in that time ive gained knowledge and a little understanding of the markets.

But up to this day I still struggle to make more than I lose, but recently I came across your videos on YouTube and the way you explain about the markets makes it a lot clearer to understand. I haven't seen all your videos yet but I'm goner make sure I do.

Because of all your good content on YouTube, I got even more inspired and a much more of a drive to stick at it no matter what and I really appreciate it for what you have done with all the videos and knowledge you share with us. 

I came to a quick realization that I want to join your movement and get even more training from you. And I want to ask if you could take me step by step through it so I get the best out of it.

Thank you for all the help you have given me and taking your time to read this email most appreciated.

Ash E.
Ash E.

As I am sure you've heard this a million times now... thank you for being so transparent with yourself and your services because it surely helped me make the decision to follow through with your training. I am truly amazed of how easy it REALLY IS to understand the Forex market now. I will definitely refer friends and family to you.

Kimberly Q.
Kimberly Q.

Make no mistake...you have the best, most informative, real, FOREX videos out there....a real system, no gimmick, with a real person.

John C.
John C.

Hi Yusef

I hope you're doing great my friend. You're Training were Amazing, I feel really confident, and I'm trading regulary now on my Demo Account and seeing an Amazing success Ratio. I am building my Demo Account  I already feel ready to get in with my real account.When my flow tell me I will go Live on my real account. I would Like you to please send me the Financial plan you used in yesterday's webinar, so I can apply it  to my own plan. Thanks by Advance for everything Yusef and have an Amazing day my friend.

PS: I've done a lot of visualization, and planning to get my 8 Million dollars as soon as possible. When I'll Get it I'll send you 1 Million Cash my friend. I feel a lot of emotion writing this my friend and I'm confident to succeed, you gave me the last extra confidence, plan and teaching to go to the Next Level. I'm happier than ever, I feel passionate about this goal and to Trade (I really enjoy it since day 1 and even more now). My intuition was once again right when I chose to go under your wings Yusef, I Love you man, I wish you the Best and may All your dreams come true by the grace of God. More success, health and happiness to you and all your family man.

Salute them for me, take care

Billy L.
Billy L.

Trading Forex Doesn't Have To Be So Hard

Frustrated Forex trader

With the awareness of Forex growing to astronomical levels over the last 5 years, so many people are easily fooled into thinking that buying every indicator on the internet will provide them with the answer to this problem. Unfortunately, most of my students who take advantage of my So Darn Easy Forex training, report that they had this misconception too.

The So Darn Easy Forex Training provide Forex training the easy way. Simply put, our students can enjoy having Forex explained in layman’s terms and NOT being overwhelmed with a bunch of flam or unnecessary information about the market that’ll leave them confused. We focus on teaching our students Forex Logic and zeroing in heavily on the market makers and the world’s largest banks techniques to assure a profitable trading journey.

What You Can Expect As A Member?

  • Direct Access to the Mentor (Yusef Scott)

    Have you been a member of a Forex training group where you had no access to those in charge of the group? Well look no further, as a member of The So Darn Easy Forex™ Movement you will have direct access to the Mentor (Yusef Scott) for questions or concerns at any time.

  • 3-Hour New Member Training

    All members will receive an in depth 3-hour training at the beginning of their membership. We will cover The So Darn Easy Forex™ core strategies and fundamentals of Forex.

  • Easy to Understand & Apply Forex Strategies

    Because there are many Forex traders lost in the world of trying to understand and grasp the many Forex strategies circling the net today, So Darn Easy Forex™ Strategies were born. We teach our students to see Forex charts through a totally new set of eyes and most of, with confidence. Many students who went through our training have mentioned that our training was the missing link and allowed them to see the market more clearly.

  • Ongoing Weekly Training

    Each student will have access to taking part in our weekly group Forex training. Each week there will be a new topic discussed and it will provide everyone with a deeper level of understanding of Forex trading concepts.

  • Forex Logic & Confidence

    Do you have trouble with second guessing your trades? Well it's time that you tune out and learn to unlearn all of the misleading information being taught on the net. Our students are put through repetitive training to enable them to realize patterns and the obvious. Doing this continuously not only familiarizes them with the market but builds confidence.

  • Occasional Trade Alerts

    As a token of appreciation for all of my students, students will be able to enjoy occasional Trade Alerts. While providing occasional trade alerts IS NOT a part of the fee of joining The So Darn Easy Forex™ Movement, it is important for you to know that this is a TOTAL freebie. It is required that all students examine the trade alert and make sense out of it for themselves before placing any trades.



Because of the overwhelming amount of positive feedback we received from our initial “How To Always Win Strategy” video, we are overly confident that you will find this version to be more concise, and will open your eyes to just how So Darn Easy Forex can really be when you are a student of ours!

Whether you are totally new to Forex, or one with years behind you, we're confident that we can put you on a path of becoming a successful Forex trader. Become or newest success story today!

Non-Membership Products (Sold Separately)

  • So Darn Easy Forex Strategy™
  • $200
    one-time fee
  • Do you want to be able to get in on your trades with precision and ease? With the use of our original Forex strategy, you will be able to get in on those great market moves sooner rather than later, and exit the market with maximum profit.
  • Instructional Video Included (written instructions as well)
  • So Darn Easy Forex Strategy MA Chart Template Included
  • So Darn Easy Forex
    Gap Twist Strategy™
  • $150
    one-time fee
  • Do you want to get in on those huge gaps in the market following the Sunday's open? Let's start your trading week off in the money with my Gap Twist Strategy™ and a guaranteed win.
  • Instructional Video Included (written instructions as well)
  • Moving Average Pack not Included
  • So Darn Easy Forex Millionaire Combo Strategy™
  • $425
    one-time fee
  • Forex traders will enjoy both the SDEFX Strategy™ and the SDEFX Long Term Strategy™ taught together to receive "The Eagle's Eye" that provides the foundation and ability to realize the most profit potential.
  • Instructional Video Included(written instructions as well)
  • So Darn Easy Forex Strategy MA Chart Template Included
  • So Darn Easy Forex
    Fast Money Strategy™
  • $225
    one-time fee
  • This short term strategy was created with day traders in mind. This strategy will allow traders to get in and out of the market, with profit potentials like that of long term trades.
  • Instructional Video Included (written instructions as well)
  • Fast Money MA Chart Template Included
  • So Darn Easy Forex Long Term Strategy™
  • $275
    one-time fee
  • Are you tired of the time-consuming duty of watching the charts hour for hour as a day trader? Learn my jaw-dropping Long Term Strategy that I use to accumulate thousands of pips monthly.
  • Instructional Video Included (written instructions as well)
  • Millionaire MA Chart Template Included

 Learn More About Our SDEFX™ Memberships Today!

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It’s me Yusef Scott! I am a husband and father by day & Forex Trainer and Master Trader in the wee hours of the morning. I never sleep… well almost.

I am the brains behind the So Darn Easy movement. Since inception, I've been able to attract people from every corner of the world for my So Darn Easy Forex training services and strategies. I've been sought after by people with years of trading behind them, who never realize consistent profit until after their thorough training. I firmly believe that because of my dedication the Universe will continue to lead those in need of Forex training to the doorway of this amazing movement. My plight is to help as many people as I can to learn to unlearn all of the unnecessary instruction about trading Forex circling the net today.

Just like in mathematics, when you learn the basics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), every other level of math is based on just those 4 basic segments.

Do you have questions about our Forex training? Want to get in touch with me? Use the form below!

Be sure to keep in touch with
So Darn Easy Forex on Social Media:


Forex Risk Disclaimer

Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those that may be shown. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Individual results vary and no representation is made that clients will or are likely to achieve profits or incur losses comparable to those that may be shown. Past performance is not indicative of future results. You acknowledge and agree that no promise or guarantee of success or profitability has been made between you, Mirrored Millionaire's Forex Group, So Darn Easy Forex, and www.SoDarnEasyForex.com.

Risks Associated with Trading Forex

Trading foreign currencies can be a challenging and potentially profitable opportunity for investors. However, before deciding to participate in the Forex market, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. There is considerable exposure to risk in any foreign exchange transaction. Any transaction involving currencies involves risks including, but not limited to, the potential for changing political and/or economic conditions that may substantially affect the price or liquidity of a currency. Investments in foreign exchange speculation may also be susceptible to sharp rises and falls as the relevant market values fluctuate. The leveraged nature of Forex trading means that any market movement will have an equally proportional effect on your deposited funds. This may work against you as well as for you. Not only may investors get back less than they invested, but in the case of higher risk strategies, investors may lose the entirety of their investment. It is for this reason that when speculating in such markets it is advisable to use only risk capital.